Course Overview

The Fire Warden course provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the role of a Warden within an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) structure. This course complies with the Building Fire Safety Regualtion 2008 and the Australian Standard (AS) 3745 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities. Participants will learn all aspects of emergency preparedness and understanding human behaviours during emergencies to assess risk and effectively plan for all types of emergencies in the workplace.

Course Content

  • Workplace reporting
  • Responding to the emergency including raising the alarm,
  • Varied workplace emergency responses.
  • Fire principles includes fire triangle, classes of fires
  • Fire extinguisher training (including fire blankets) including types of extinguishers, maintenance and inspection, practical/simulated scenarios and spill kits (optional).
  • The emergency management plan and the roles/responsibilities and identification of the emergency control organisation
  • Facilitate the emergency management plan
  • Evacuation coordination
  • Post – evacuation activities
  • Practical evacuation scenarios

Course Duration

8 hour – Face to Face Course

Entry & Pre-Requisite Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course.  You will however need certain literacy skills.


Written and Practical assessment.


This is an accredited training course. Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in the following competencies:

  • PUAFER001B Identify, Prevent and Report Potential Facility Emergency Situations
  • PUAFER004B Respond to Facility Emergencies
  • PUAFER005B Operate as Part of an Emergency Control Organisation
  • PUAFER006B Lead an emergency control organisation
  • PUAFER008B Confine Small Emergencies in a Facility
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